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Electronic Medical Records

  • Promotes the use of technology in making your facility more efficient and compliant with state guidelines. In keeping an electronic medication record, patients, as well as caregivers, benefit from it. It becomes easy to find the needed health information on your residents. In addition, the eMAR system preserves the privacy of the patient. Physicians and state surveyors also find this helpful and when reviewing patients.
  • City Specialty Pharmacy software offers over 60 integration opportunities with eMar’s, eHR’s, first dose machines, and dispensing robots
  • Integration is made easy due to our one standard interface portal, and may include the transfer of ADT messages, as well as NCPDP Script
  • While each interface offers a differing set of communication options, we do work with systems that offer point to point, bi-directional communication
  • Nursing time spent managing monthly medical record verification is drastically reduced with our unique interface capabilities
  • Communicate with pharmacy is real-time
  • Easy online patient processing
  • Print MARs
  • Access reports
  • Prospectively price Part A admissions
  • Look up the list of Rx’s being delivered each day
  • Easily process returns if applicable
  • Drug dispensation record for controlled substances