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FrameworkLink Portal

FrameworkLink™ is the powerful communication tool between long-term care facilities and the pharmacies that serve them. FrameworkLink was specifically designed to share the information users need most and to automate tasks.  

Improve communication and track messages for greater understanding and accountability.Send and receive secure, categorized messages to and from any FrameworkLink user, nursing station, or other facility staff. You can even track these messages so you’ll always know who’s read the message and when. 

  • Enhance customer service and reduce the chance for error through better knowledge of the patients you serve.
    FrameworkLink promotes better information on the patients you serve through facility profile information. Assigned facility staff can update patient profiles with a wide range of helpful information including: resident demographics, allergies and medical conditions, payer status, drug and non-drug orders, and more. 
  • Smooth the ins and outs of patient flow with easy online processing.
    Through FrameworkLink, facility users can transfer, discharge, and even re-admit residents with just a few clicks of the mouse. 
  • Place orders and view order status through FrameworkLink’s easy, trackable system.
    Facility users can enter requests for new prescriptions, reorders and refills, or discontinue orders, all through the FrameworkLink interface. Update and track order status and learn more about previous orders.
  • Streamline billing and pricing tasks.
    Configure pricing contracts in FrameworkLTC, and FrameworkLink calculates drug quotes based on them. Preview billing transactions for the current billing cycle or view past invoices. 
  • Generate management reports or print forms, medical records and labels.
    FrameworkLink supports facility staff with the documents they need regularly. Access management reports and queries, too, to improve process knowledge. 
  • Request updates to pharmacy data for greater accuracy.
    FrameworkLink knows how important the integrity of your pharmacy data is. That’s why every modification request is queued for review both pharmacy and facility staff can access. Pharmacy staff can choose to supplement, modify, correct or cancel the request. A message to the request’s originator confirms the request’s status